Bump N' Drive™



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Frequently asked questions



How long does it take to mount a complete Bump N' Drive™ kit?

The average mounting time is approx. 2-3 hours.


Can one person do the installation?



Can metal posts be used as hinge or latch posts?

Yes. We recommend using square metal posts of at least 5" or more. If round posts are used, they need to be anchored into cement.


How can typical sagging of a gate be avoided?

Every new installed gate will sag over time, which is mostly due to the material of the gate. The best prevention is to use the provided gate wheel.


Can livestock open the bump gate?

Although no gate or cattle guard is 100% secure, our extensive tests show that even if livestock were to accidentally disengage the Bump N' Drive™ gate latch, the hinge design makes the gate want to stay closed, and even "smart livestock" does not understand the concept of following through.