Bump N' Drive™



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How to operate the Bump N’ Drive™ Gate

To open the gate, gently push the PVC-sleeved "bump arm" on the gate with your vehicle, at a slow rolling speed.  When the gate opens, follow through without stopping and continue pushing the bump arm until the gate swings open completely, where it will be held for several seconds (according to your adjustment) before closing slowly behind you. For gates 12′ or longer it is recommended to use the provided gate wheel.


CAUTION:  Any attachments on the front end of your vehicle may trap the bumper arms and do damage to the Bump N' Drive™ or to your vehicle. You need an even vehicle bumper surface to be able to engage and push the bumper arms. 
Bump N' Drive™ was primarily designed to be used by vehicles with a "true bumper." Some modern passenger cars are very low to the ground and are designed and built with no "true bumper," but rather with a plastic skirting that closes around the front of the vehicle.
Prior to using Bump N' Drive™ with such a vehicle, make sure that no part of the lower skirting can touch the bottom plate of the kit. Otherwise, damage to this very thin skirting might occur.

Getting ready for the installation



Gates: There are many different types of farm and ranch gates on the market.  The most common types are light duty gates with 1 3/4" diameter tubing and heavy duty (bull) gates with 2" diameter tubing.  The spacing between the rails (tubing) is usually less on the bottom than towards the middle or top of the gate.  Light duty and heavy duty gates vary in rail spacing, and the spacing will also vary among different manufacturers.  For these reasons it is important that you are aware that it may be necessary to evaluate your specific gate for correct positioning of certain Bump N' Drive™ parts.  For example, with a light duty gate it may be necessary to choose the 3rd rail for the catch and release latch, while for a heavy duty gate the 
 2nd rail may be more appropriate. With the provided bumper extension rods the Bump N' Drive™ can be adapted to the majority of gates available on the market.


Hinge post: For a farm/ranch gate up to 20′ you need an 8″ wooden post securely concreted, or pounded, into the ground. 


Latch post: This can be a 6″ post. Install the latch post after hanging the gate on the hinge post. This will allow you to determine the exact distance necessary between the hinge post and the latch post. The correct spacing between the swing end of the gate and the latch post should be 2 1/2″ - 3″.


If you are using metal posts we have the necessary hardware available. Please make sure to specify the use of metal posts with your purchase. Square metal posts are recommended. If you use round metal posts, it is absolutely necessary that they are placed into the cement with an anchor.


The Bump N' Drive™ comes complete with gate and post-side hardware. If you want to install the hinge and latch post prior to hanging the gate to determine the correct distance between both posts, take the exact measurement of your gate and add 6 1/2″.


Gate stopper posts (4″ wooden posts or similar): The wooden posts should also be placed in concrete, or pounded into the ground.