Improve the functionality of your gate by installing our inventive gate opener kit.



The kit contains all of the hardware, including heavy-duty bumpers, hinges, locks, and adjustable gate latches, needed to mount the components in 5 easy steps on new or older gates.

You can adjust the gate latch in increments to hold open for up to 45 seconds.

The Bump N' Drive gate opener kit costs $389 (plus $47.50 shipping), and the gross weight is 58 pounds. All of the parts are shipped to your home with complete instructions and a step-by-step instructional DVD.


To open the gate, gently push the PVC-sleeved bump arm on the gate with your vehicle at a slow-rolling speed. When the gate opens, follow through without stopping and continue pushing the bump arm until the gate swings open completely. It will stay open for several seconds (according to your adjustments) before closing slowly behind you.

  • It's most suited for pipe rail gates, but also fits on many other kinds of gates. Measuring 32" x 25" x 8"
  • For gates 12' or longer, it is recommended to use the provided gate wheel.
  • Bump N' Drive works for various types of vehicles, including RVs, semitrucks, farm vehicles, and pickups with trailers. It's also used on golf courses.

CAUTION: Any attachments on the front end of your vehicle may trap the bumper arms and cause damage to the Bump N' Drive or your vehicle. You need an even vehicle bumper surface to engage and push the bumper arms.

Bump N' Drive was primarily designed for use by vehicles with a true bumper.

Some modem passenger cars are very low to the ground and built with just a plastic skirting that goes around the front of the vehicle. Prior to using Bump N' Drive with such a vehicle, make sure no part of the lower skirting can touch the bottom plate of the kit. Otherwise, damage to this very thin skirting might occur.

$389 plus $59.50 shipping.


Gates: There are many different types of farm and ranch gates on the market. The most common types are light-duty gates with 1 3/4" diameter tubing and heavy-duty (bull) gates with 2" diameter tubing. The spacing between the rails (tubing) is usually less on the bottom than toward the middle or top of the gate. Light-duty and heavy-duty gates vary in rail spacing, and the spacing will also vary among different manufacturers.

For these reasons, it is important you are aware that it may be necessary to evaluate your specific gate for correct positioning of certain Bump N' Drive parts. For example, with a light-duty gate it might be necessary to choose the third rail for the catch-and-release latch, while the second rail is more appropriate for a heavy-duty gate. With the provided bumper extension rods, the Bump N' Drive can be adapted to the majority of gates available on the market.

Hinge Post: For a farm or ranch gate up to 20', you need an 8" wooden post securely concreted or pounded into the ground.

Gate in the Snow

Latch Post: This can be a 6" post. Install the latch post after hanging the gate on the hinge post. This will allow you to determine the exact distance necessary between the hinge post and the latch post. The correct spacing between the swing-end of the gate and the latch post is 2 1/2" to 3".

If you are using metal posts, we have the necessary hardware available. Please make sure to specify the use of metal posts with your purchase. Square metal posts are recommended. If you use round metal posts, it is absolutely necessary to place into cement with an anchor.

The Bump N' Drive comes complete with gate and post-side hardware. If you want to install the hinge and latch post prior to hanging the gate to determine the correct distance between both posts, take the exact measurement of your gate and add 6 1/2".

Gate Stopper Posts (4" Wooden Posts or Similar): The wooden posts should also be placed in concrete or pounded into the ground.


In most cases, we ship via UPS ground same day within the continental United States. Alaska, Hawaii, United States territories, and international customers need to contact us for shipping costs. Shipments outside of the United States are subject to duties, taxes, and other export charges and are the buyer's responsibility.

  • Noreen Fowler
    "It works perfect for what we needed. There is no electricity in the pasture, so this gate offered the best solution. It works great. Installation went well - instructions provided were clear and accurate, plus the DVD really helped. We are planning to buy another one for a second gate." - Noreen Fowler
    Noreen Fowler
    Amazon Customer
  • Ron W.
    "Hi, we're in our 70s, we got a bump-and-go gate opener — what a life saver! This gate is really the answer. No batteries going dead, no getting in and out to operate, we just love this gate! Thanks to Mr. Peters for selling this product. This gate is also good for lazy people, too." Ron W. (farmer in Florida)
    Ron W.
  • Bob H.
    "When I ordered my Bump N' Drive, I thought I'd need lot of help putting it in service as my left arm and hand is very deformed from birth some 70 years ago, but I finished and it works very well, it took me a lot longer then most, but I did it myself, so if I can do it anyone can. Its open range here and I put it in to keep other cows out." - Thanks, Bob H.
    Bob H.
  • John D.
    "After receiving the kit and DVD I installed my gate (put down posts and attached metal fittings, etc.) in only a few hours. Everything seemed to work perfectly. In a few days I will be 77 and am beginning to have mental issues. When this happens, "I try again tomorrow." My son, who is "mechanically minded," finished the bump mechanism assembly and now the gate works great. Thanks for your help, and for producing this wonderful Bump N' Drive, which already saves me much time and effort. If I can ever help or recommend anything to others, please let me know." - Sincerely, John D.
    John D.
  • Deb C.
    "We were very happy to receive our Bump N' Drive. It's the perfect solution for us. Thank you, we love the Bump N' Drive." - Deb C.
    Deb C.
$389 plus $59.50 shipping.