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Noreen Fowler

Amazon Customer

"It works perfect for what we needed. There is no electricity in the pasture, so this gate offered the best solution. It works great. Installation went well - instructions provided were clear and accurate, plus the DVD really helped. We are planning to buy another one for a second gate." - Noreen Fowler

Ron W.

"Hi, we're in our 70s, we got a bump-and-go gate opener — what a life saver! This gate is really the answer. No batteries going dead, no getting in and out to operate, we just love this gate! Thanks to Mr. Peters for selling this product. This gate is also good for lazy people, too." Ron W. (farmer in Florida)

Bob H.

"When I ordered my Bump N' Drive, I thought I'd need lot of help putting it in service as my left arm and hand is very deformed from birth some 70 years ago, but I finished and it works very well, it took me a lot longer then most, but I did it myself, so if I can do it anyone can. Its open range here and I put it in to keep other cows out." - Thanks, Bob H.

John D.

"After receiving the kit and DVD I installed my gate (put down posts and attached metal fittings, etc.) in only a few hours. Everything seemed to work perfectly. In a few days I will be 77 and am beginning to have mental issues. When this happens, "I try again tomorrow." My son, who is "mechanically minded," finished the bump mechanism assembly and now the gate works great. Thanks for your help, and for producing this wonderful Bump N' Drive, which already saves me much time and effort. If I can ever help or recommend anything to others, please let me know." - Sincerely, John D.

Deb C.

"We were very happy to receive our Bump N' Drive. It's the perfect solution for us. Thank you, we love the Bump N' Drive." - Deb C.