What is a Bump Gate?

A bump gate is a mechanical attachment kit that allows you to turn your existing gate into a drive-through gate without replacing it.

For this purpose, we’ve created a functional and economical bump gate attachment kit for ranchers, farmers, and property owners that desire to navigate on and off the property with ease.

Whether you frequently experience bad weather, have had an accident that restricts mobility, or simply want to make entering and exiting the property a bit easier without replacing your entire gate that uses electricity, a bump gate is the perfect solution.


Easy setup.

DIY Installation.

Professional installation isn’t necessary.

Takes a few hours, and you’re all set.

No electricity required.

Our gate opener can open and close gates by pure mechanical and gravitational means.


  1. Bumping “too hard” and damaging the system or gate.
  2. Paying too much… this system is meant to save you money & time.


Question: Can people with disabilities install/use the Bump N’ Drive gate opener?

Answer: Yes. It’s very easy to setup and perfect to use if you’ve had an accident or are disabled:

“When I ordered my Bump N’ Drive, I thought I’d need lot of help putting it in service as my left arm and hand is very deformed from birth some 70 years ago, but I finished and it works very well, it took me a lot longer then most, but I did it myself, so if I can do it anyone can. Its open range here and I put it in to keep other cows out.” – Thanks, Bob H.

Question: Will I need to replace my entire gate if I get a Bump N’ Drive gate opener?

Answer: No. It’s most suited for pipe rail gates, but also fits on many other kinds of gates. Measuring 32″ x 25″ x 8.” Take a look at our kit details page for more information on setup and installation.

“After receiving the kit and DVD I installed my gate (put down posts and attached metal fittings, etc.) in only a few hours. Everything seemed to work perfectly. In a few days I will be 77 and am beginning to have mental issues. When this happens, “I try again tomorrow.” My son, who is mechanically minded, finished the bump mechanism assembly and now the gate works great. Thanks for your help, and for producing this wonderful Bump N’ Drive, which already saves me much time and effort. If I can ever help or recommend anything to others, please let me know.” – John D.

Question: What are the basics? Does the mechanism require electricity?

Answer: The Bump N’ Drive gate opener kit costs $299, and the gross weight is 58 pounds. It does not require electricity whatsoever, and can attach to most pipe rail gates. Bump N’ Drive works for various types of vehicles, including RVs, semitrucks, farm vehicles, and pickups with trailers. It’s also used on golf courses. It does not require professional installation and includes a one year warranty on all parts.

Question: Can this be bumped into in both directions to open/close?

Answer: Yes

Question: Does the gate open from both sides or just one? Can it be opened manually?

Answer: Yes, the gate swings both ways and latches both ways. It can also be opened manually. To make your set up easy do not set your gate post until you watch the installation video included with the kit.