What is a Bump Gate?

A bump gate is a mechanical attachment kit that allows you to turn your existing gate into a drive-through gate without replacing it.

For this purpose, we’ve created a functional and economical bump gate attachment kit for ranchers, farmers, and property owners that desire to navigate on and off the property with ease.

Whether you frequently experience bad weather, have had an accident that restricts mobility, or simply want to make entering and exiting the property a bit easier without replacing your entire gate that uses electricity, a bump gate is the perfect solution.


Easy setup.

DIY Installation.

Professional installation isn’t necessary.

Takes a few hours, and you’re all set.

No electricity required.

Our gate opener can open and close gates by pure mechanical and gravitational means.


  1. Bumping “too hard” and damaging the system or gate.
  2. Paying too much… this system is meant to save you money & time.


Question: How can typical sagging of a gate be avoided?

Answer: Every newly installed gate will sag over time, which is mostly due to the material of the gate & regular usage. This is perfectly normal. The best means of prevention is to use the provided gate wheel.

Question: Why does this say it’s in 13 pieces but on the website it says the kit has over 50 pieces. What’s missing?

Answer: Wow that’s a good question! You are the first to ask, I had to look it up. It turns out that neither is right. I counted 37 dif part numbers of which some have multiples used, however, some of the pieces are already put together into one unit.

Question: Does the kit come with the release mechanism for both sides of the gate? Enter and leaving side of gate?

Answer: Yes it does, all parts are included in our gate opener kit. You will need to supply a 2-inch tube gate and posts required.

Question: Does the gate need to swing both ways?

Answer: Good question! Yes, the gate kit will allow it to swing one way or from both directions.

Question: Will bump n drive work on a hill? will it open and close properly if it is not on level ground?

Answer: Yes our system does work on a hill up to about a 12-inch slope. Yes, it will work on unlevel ground as the hinge post keeps the gate level in the closed position. Remember no electric required. If you have more questions you are welcome to call 573 579 9432.